Hemp might be totally different than marijuana. But the bureaucracy that pesters the cannabis industry is coming for hemp anyway.That’s why the hemp industry ought to watch on what is happening in Oregon.

Oregon has gradually added marijuana-style oversight to its flourishing hemp market. The goal is to put hemp through the same testing and traceability requirements faced by high-THC marijuana.

It looks like a sensible modification. But the additional Oregon oversight strikes at the core of hemp’s identity crisis: When is hemp like cannabis, and when is it not? They’re both the same plant, cannabis sativa, and both can be smoked or consumed and utilized for medical factors.

The only difference is the THC content.

The hemp industry has less legal limitations, which is a huge reason the hemp side of cannabis is booming.

Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, standard-bearer of the GOP and a deep-red Kentuckian, states hemp needs to be legal everywhere and deal with none of the legal barriers positioned upon cannabis.

However policies unfolding far from Congress are putting that narrative in doubt.